Monday, June 29, 2009

A special prize for answering the earlier quiz...

...goes to Gayle, who sent me a quick email in response to my previous entry to say that “I'm almost positive it [Grandma Orstad’s name] is Myrtle Lucille, not Lucille Myrtle.” Huh? Who knew—besides Gayle?

I tried to double-check this information by making a three-way call to Mom at Rehab Center of ABQ and to Aunt Phyllis, Mom’s sister, in Park River. Both agreed that it was EITHER Lucille Myrtle or Myrtle Lucille.

So I made another call to the ND Division of Vital Records, spoke to the same woman, Courtney, I’d talked to earlier, and got her promise to note the alternative name for Grandma on the search request for Mom's birth certifcate.

Courtney said that we should expect the certificate to arrive by tomorrow. Whew! One step closer to getting Mom’s ID in time for our 8:15 a.m. flight to Minneapolis this coming Thursday.

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