Monday, June 29, 2009

Eeeeek! My mother has no ID!

And do you know what that means? She can’t board a plane without one. No matter that we have tickets—she, David, and I—to fly off to Minneapolis in four days, the first leg of our journey to North Dakota.

David and I have been digging through every drawer and box of records in our respective homes that might possibly contain Mom’s old New Mexico ID, her social security card, an old Medicare card—any proof of identity that will let us complete the transaction I attempted last Saturday: to get her an ID and a handicap placard at the Motor Vehicle Department.

Neither David nor I snapped to the fact that she’d have to have a government-issued ID to show at the airport until that moment.

So early this morning, I called the North Dakota Division of Vital Records to find out just what we could do to get Mom’s birth certificate, the most difficult piece of identification to acquire at this late date. It turns out we can get the certificate expedited to us by tomorrow if David faxes the request form, his power of attorney document, his photo ID, and some money to the Vital Records office by 10:00 Central Daylight Time today. Hallelujah!

David then called Mom at the Rehabilitation Center of Albuquerque to find out Grandma and Grandpa Orstad’s middle names so he could fill out the birth certificate request form. Okay, sibs: Quiz time! What are our maternal grandparents’ full names? (Answers below.)

I also have a call into the Rehab Center of ABQ business office to see if they have any documents or cards that would help us prove Mom’s NM residency and her ownership of her social security number.

I believe we’re going to be able to get Mom an ID before Thursday. We'd better. I promised Mom we'd go if we had to walk--and one of us push her wheelchair.

Answers to the quiz above:
Elmer Martin Orstad and Lucille Myrtle Thompson are our grandparents’ full names. Sorry, no prizes for correct answers.

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