Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I woke up on Sunday to the smells of coffee and bacon.  Jay and Val were already up and had gotten Mom up, too.  I joined her at the kitchen table for French toast, maple syrup, and turkey bacon.  Then Jay built a fire in the woodstove, and we sat in the sun room awhile.  In this photo, Val, Mom, and I are toasting ourselves with mimosas.

Jay and Val had planned to take us to Lake Tahoe for a tour of the lake on the MS Dixie , a large paddleboat, later for a Mother’s Day outing, but by noon the wind was strong, and they decided it wasn’t a good day for going on the water.

Instead, we—Jay, Val, Julianne, Jaime, Mom, and I—drove up to Lake Tahoe, enjoyed the view of the lake, and then stopped at a shopping center to visit a few shops and have a late lunch at the State Line Brewery & Restaurant.  We stopped at this fountain, and Jason gave us pennies so that we could make a wish.  [If we have an easy, uneventful flight home today, Monday, I will have gotten mine.]

We got back to Carson City around 5 p.m. and just hung out, talking and listening to mellow music.  Then at about 7 p.m., Kevin and Jen called us via Skype from Sakhalin to wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day.  We probably talked for 45 minutes of more.  The video picture was excellent, as you can see from this picture.  Mom also got calls from Katie and Guy in the evening.

To cap off the night, Jaime made angel food cake with Cool Whip, strawberries with chocolate dipping sauce, and piecrust cookies for us as our last Mother’s Day treat.  M-m-m-m!  It was all delicious—and so thoughtful of Jaime to turn her new interest in cooking and baking into a gift for her mom, grandmother, and aunt—and, of course, her dad.

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